The Intern, the Bride and the Blogger

22 Jun

Lately my brain has been so occupied with work and wedding that I’ve barely had a chance to think like a blogger. Usually I’m grasping at paper and pencils every 5 minutes because I can’t keep up with my internal dialogue of blog writing, but lately it’s been nothing but crickets up there. However, that’s because my everyday life dynamic has changed in the past month. The blog writer is sitting there scratching her head and picking knits from her hair, but the intern and the bride are running around, arms flailing like a mom on the dance floor. And the grad student is studiously working on her thesis in the backdrop, trying to keep to herself.

I’m knee-deep in the second month of my internship and 11 weeks out from the biggest day of my life (until, that is, we start with the baby making). My 9-5 is filled with writing, reading, editing, html and other fun webby magazine things that require enough brain power that I can’t be simultaneously writing blog posts. My evenings are consumed with little wedding details that I churn out until they defeat me and I collapse with exhaustion in my bed that is never quite soft enough to catch my tired, heavy limbs.

It’s been busy, but it’s been good. And the strange little things that always seem to happen to me still happen, I just haven’t had the will and the wit to jot them down. Like when one of our neighbours stole the quarter out of my laundry basket (filled with my, ahem, delicates).  My basket was waiting in line beside the washer and some crazy decided to snatch my shiny laundry money. I’m not pointing fingers, but I’m going to just assume it was the panflute player. I put in an honest effort to blog about that, but then I’m quite certain I fell asleep with my eyes open. But life goes on, I got another quarter and I’m telling the story now.

I’m writing an article this week for BC Living about Luc’s and my hike to the peak of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish – which I will post a link to when it’s done – so for now I’ve got this amateur, made-in-one-hour iMovie of our trip to the top.

So while I try to balance life as an intern, bride and blogger (and grad student!), please amuse yourselves with this little ditty:

Update: check out the full story on BC Living.


3 Responses to “The Intern, the Bride and the Blogger”

  1. Lynne 28/06/2010 at 10:27 am #

    >Inspiring and adorable. Well done! :)

  2. kage 30/06/2010 at 11:00 pm #

    >That link was AAAA-mazing, Callie!!! I should print out that note and put it in my laundry room!!

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