Celebration of Light: Spain’s Finale Fireworks

27 Jul

For any non-Vancouverites, the Celebration of Light is an annual fireworks show that happens on various nights throughout a few weeks in the summer. Different countries compete to put on the best fireworks display set to music. And let me tell you, people LOVE it. On Saturday night I had front row seats watching from my cousin’s balcony.

We watched the masses of people flooding into English Bay to watch the fireworks.

At one point we saw a sea of foam floating down the curb’s edge and followed its origins to a kid getting his beer dumped by the cops. We had a few more drinks on the balcony and waited for the sun to set.

The darker it got, the more people crowded onto the beach and the grassy areas below. We were feeling pretty good about our spacious spot on the 23rd floor.
With the throngs of people came boat after boat…after boat. The waters surrounding English Bay and Stanley Park were packed with party boats, yachts and tipsy sailors.
After a few pre-show teasers, the fireworks began, the music blared, and we watched from our perch.
I caught the finale on video. I like to think of firework finales as the time when the designers look at the giant pile they have left after planning the bulk of the show, then blow everything they have left at once.



One Response to “Celebration of Light: Spain’s Finale Fireworks”

  1. lisa 27/07/2010 at 5:54 am #

    >Hehe that's always what I've thought about fireworks finales too! That and they use up remaining stock from other shows. I've been to one or two shows where heart-shaped fireworks exploded–what is this, Valentine's Day?

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