Regina, SK, shopping capital of Canada

6 Aug

Please know that in telling this story, I am not trying to rag on Saskatchewan. But here we go…

While checking in at the Regina airport this afternoon (on our way to Vancouver), I really had to put my back into it to get my suitcase on the scale. Luc and I had just spent a week visiting family in Saskatchewan. The customer service agent noted my ample travelling gear by commenting, “Wow, heavy! Must be a lot of shopping, huh?” Shopping, really? It’s not that I don’t think you can find stylish clothing in Regina, because you can. It’s just that I don’t think many people come from Vancouver to Regina as tourists or shoppers. The look on my face said, “Seriously??”, but aloud I said, “Yup…shopping…a whole bunch of crap,” which, in hindsight, may have been just as bad as my scowl.


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