Vintage Picture Frame DIY

11 Sep

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember my wedding last year and some of my DIY projects. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary, and I still haven’t dismantled or disposed of many of our decor items. It seems like such a shame to get rid of this stuff, and, being a nostalgic pack-rat, it’s even harder to let go. Some things I can cling onto—this is about one of those things.

Luc’s parents gave us two amazing wooden vintage picture frames that they rescued from an old house in Saskatchewan years ago. We used one for the seating chart, and the other as a welcome sign:

When we received the frames, they were gold, which didn’t match any of our decor. We spray painted them with a few layers of silver, then smudged black paint into the creases with paint brushes to create a distressed look. I loved the way they turned out, but they’re a bit too glam to fit in with our home decor. I had plans for the larger frame, but it needed a quick makeover. I wanted to retain a bit of the silver under-layer, so I grabbed a rag, a bucket of white paint, and rubbed on two layers of paint.

Next, we’re going to mount a mirror in the frame to use in our DIY bathroom project (more on that later).


One Response to “Vintage Picture Frame DIY”

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