Remaking Snow White

17 Mar

The upcoming Snow White remake Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts induces a terrifying recollection of another unintentionally campy remake. Remember Batman & Robin, with Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze?

Batman & Robin was on TV a few weeks back and its sheer awfulness confused me. They meant for the movie to be good, right? As for Mirror Mirror, terrible acting aside, the movie seems like a giant hyperbole. Between the garish props and costumes, the off-putting cadence of the dialogue and the whirly cinematography, it’s a bit of an eyesore.

I predict Mirror Mirror goes down in history as an embarrassment and a stain on Julia Roberts’s record, much like Batman & Robin tarnished George Clooney’s profile. Harsh words, yes, but everything about this movie looks terrible. And being released at the same time as Snow White & The Huntsmen, the bad-ass looking remake starring a steely Charlize Theron, only makes matters worse. This, I am looking forward to:


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