Las Grietas

19 Nov

Yesterday afternoon we made the 15-minute trek on a path of uneven lava rocks to Las Grietas, a hidden channel on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. Two rock faces plummet straight down to a crystal clear, narrow canal with a white-sand bottom. There are two small sets of wooden stairs leading down to the water level, but for the most part, you’re slowly navigating over slippery rocks in flip flops.

(This photo wasn’t one that we took, but I wanted to show what Las Grietas looks like.)

We hopped in the water, and it wasn’t long until we were scaling the rock face in our bare feet and bathing suits to jump off into the canal. The jumping wasn’t scary, but climbing the sharp, slippery rocks was slightly unnerving. The locals climbed with ease, while Luc and I made somewhat clumsy ascents.

Since we’re functioning on low technology right now, I can’t upload the videos and photos from our camera, but I will when we’re back home in December. One of the crazier guys there was jumping from the very top, which would be a little bit like jumping from a 4-story building.


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