The Accidental Night Bus

20 Nov

Of all the travel advice we received prior to coming to South America, we agreed that there was one tip we would follow steadfastly: no night buses. But when you’re navigating from water taxi to taxi to ferry to bus, then flying from the Galapagos to Quito, then fighting rush hour to the bus terminal at the edge of town, you sometimes find that the sun sets and you are, indeed, on a night bus. Maybe not an overnight bus, but one that travels through darkness while you hope that you’ll just arrive already.

After being reassured that we were taking the express bus, it only took a few detours into tiny little towns for us to realize that the ticket vendor was full of shit. The ride was scenic, and certainly a stark contrast to the landscapes we took in over the past ten days in the Galápagos Islands. But once the sun set, there wasn’t much to do but stare at the seat in front of you.

We’re here now and ready for more adventure. The nighttime streets in Banos are safe and lively, with lots of bars and a restaurant that we’ve already sampled and deemed excellent.

I have a feeling this little town surrounded by mountains and volcanoes is going to be jaw-dropping in the daylight.


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